Carpets can go through a lot, from accidentally dropping our food to wine spills. Powdered makeup is one of the most common things that fall onto the carpet. Of course, the purpose of a makeup is to improve your beauty. Unfortunately, it does the opposite of your carpet.  

Knocking a couple of powdered makeup accidentally onto the carpet happens a lot of times. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of it, aside from hiring a carpet cleaning Jacksonville FL. 

It’s vital that you’re fast about the clean-up if you spill makeup product on the carpet. Getting rid of the product ASAP will avoid the fibers from being stained permanently. If this happens, they’re quite harder to eliminate. 

You’ve got to be gentle. That’s another helpful tip. Any aggressive movement can cause the powder to reach deeper into the fibers if you try to remove it. If this happens, you’ll have a hard time removing the makeup.  

You will require a gentle touch when getting rid of powdered makeup from the carpet. This is particularly true if you do not want to leave permanent stains.  

First Method 

It is ideal to act as fast as you can once you discover the makeup stain. Scoop up the makeup using a plastic spoon or cloth if you see any excess makeup on the carpet’s surface. There’s a particular solution you can combine for every particular makeup stain.  

  • Lipstick – Rubbing alcohol or paint remover 
  • Mascara and Eye-Liner – Combine ¼ tsp of dishwashing liquid and 1 cup of warm water 
  • Liquid Foundation – 3% hydrogen peroxide solution 
  • Nail Polish – Nail polish remover (non-acetone, no fragrance, and no color) 

Once you have combined the right solution based on the particular type of makeup stain you are addressing, add a tiny amount of the solution to a clean cloth. You want to ensure the cloth is damp and not soaked.  

Next, blot the affected area using the cloth. It is vital to blot firmly to get rid of as much of the makeup as possible. After you get rid of the stain, spray the affected spot with water. This will rinse out any lingering solution. Vacuum the area once the carpet is dry.  

Second method 

You can follow these steps if you’re searching for a way to get rid of makeup stains using dry cleaning fluid. 

First, get rid of any excess makeup from the carpet’s surface. Apply the dry cleaning fluid in a clean cloth and directly place it to the carpet stain. Allow the solution to soak into the carpet for several minutes. Then, use a clean cloth to blot the solution. This will help get rid of any lingering makeup coloring.  

Lastly, use cold water to rinse the affected area of the carpet. If the stain is still visible, simply repeat the steps until you can no longer see it.  

When it comes to removing makeup carpet stain, it is best to act fast. If you don’t have the tools needed, simply hire a carpet cleaning company.