Driving a cab is not as easy as it seems. Whether it is a regular cab or Grande Prairie cabs, the same things always apply to these drivers – roaming and driving along with the town and city in longer hours. It is not easy to spend hours in a day just sitting on the chair and helping passengers on their trunks. The pay is not incredible too, and in fact, it is awful with less than fifty dollars per person on average – this is not a lot. But what makes everything worst is us; the passengers. Of course, cab drivers are not perfect too. There could be some ones who overcharge their passengers or those who behave rudely. But in general, the problem is really, the passengers.

We interviewed different cab drivers and asked them the most annoying thing a passenger can do in their cab, they gave us statements, and we now finally have generated a list.

1. The destination can be walked.

According to some drivers we interviewed, long-distance rides pay the bills, but the short ones can amount to a loss for them, especially when he needed to wait in a queue at a cat stand to get a customer. The cab drivers have claimed to experience this multiple times with different customers. However, one cab told us, that there were also instances where customers paid them triple times the bill for their short rides to compensate.

2. They are treated as servants

You wave down on an available cab, look him in the eye, and say greetings; this is how a polite human being would do to call a cab for a service. However, some cab drivers are treated differently. They claimed that some customers just whistle at them as if they were low-level human beings, while others do not even call them, enter the car without signal, and frantically throw some orders to the cab driver.

3. They are asked to break some laws

As the cab drivers mentioned, some passengers have asked to break some traffic rules including breaking the speed limit, going in a U-turn, or speeding through a red light just to catch some event or a flight. When they break the law, the stakes are higher for the drivers than the passengers. In fact, no penalty will be given to the passengers; only to the cab drivers.

4. Customers are too drunk

When passengers are way too drunk, they sometimes vomit in the car, cannot function and deliver the address of the destination, or fall asleep in the car, which leaves the driver helpless. There were even passengers who were too drunk that they ran away from the driver and did not pay them any cents.

The Advice

It is not easy for the cab drivers to spend their entire days on the road; beating the boredom of sitting all day long on their chairs, waiting for customers, and dealing with different people every hour. Let us make things easy for them by treating them as to how polite human beings do. Don’t call them when the distance is walkable, greet them before availing their service, and/or tip them fairly. These are just a few of the things we can do to avoid being a nuisance to these cab drivers.